The Chapel at Croton Falls

Every time I have attended a service, I have left with a better understanding of a topic, a better understanding of myself, a better understanding of my relationship in the world.  I have been inspired, enthused and offer up gratitude for the Chapel’s wonderful sacred space and the people who are drawn to be part of this community.     

Beryl Hay

“Just wanted to thank you, for the wonderful interfaith event you and the rest of the team put together for us to enjoy and be blessed by. All three of your guests informed, enlightened and inspired us, what better way to spend a Sunday morning?”     

Pina Di Pietro

Utterly beautiful and utterly beautifully produced and executed, every second. Thank you profoundly for all of this splendor.

Suzannah Glidden

“Yesterday’s service was very beautiful, touching, and meaningful. Thanks!”

Barbara Sarah

“I thought today’s service remarkably poignant.It was — for me, at least — the right combination of liturgy and discussion among spiritual seekers. You have gathered in Croton Falls a special group of people. They will hopefully grow in number.”

John Fry

“It was a delightful service – together we do create beautiful sacred harmony.”

Dana Johnson Boulanger

“Dear Deborah, I was deeply touched this morning by the spiritual connections you fostered and generated through ceremony and fellowship. My hope and intention to understand and reconcile with certain family members, both alive and dead, was nourished greatly by the speakers, music, and prayer/ceremonies.

I feel blessed to be part of these amazingly powerful and transformative ceremonies. Know that your work and loving efforts are penetrating the hearts and souls of many including mine.”

Judyth Woolfe

“What you do here every week in this seasoned chapel – and what June has chosen to do with her life – is counter–cultural craziness. As the world feasts on too much stuff, you break bread and sip wine – nourished by simplicity. As the world writhes in violent war and terror, you practice peace.

As the world divides along bitter religious and ethnic lines, you celebrate the beauty of pluralism – and the common languages of all the religions of the world. And in a culture that insists that big is better, you celebrate the intimacy and love of a small faith community. Like a mustard seed – almost too small to see – you have become a witness to many that Jesus people can slowly but surely change the world.”

Rev. Susan Andrews

Hudson River Presbytery

The Presbyterian Church (USA) at Croton Falls

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June Tompkins, Pastor

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